Real estate valuation

BKG has a license for real estate valuations (Latvian Republic State land register license for real estate valuation Nr. 18) and has been providing valuation services since year 1999; during this period of time more than 900 real estate valuations have been made for the needs of buying and selling, crediting guarantees, privatization, financial reports. In our company real estate valuation is done by certified appraisers Alina Dūdele (certificate Nr. 44, real estate valuation) and Ivars Strautiņš (certificate Nr. 7, real estate valuation). BKG, Alina Dūdele and Ivars Strautiņš are included into the Latvian Republic State company register list of approved property appraisers.

Experience of "Biznesa Konsultantu Grupa", Ltd. as a real estate appraisal firm employing experts with high qualification in real estate appraisal is certified by The Certificate of Competence No. 18 issued by Latvian Association of Property Appraisers.

The following objects can be evaluated for the needs of physical persons and legal entities for crediting guarantees:

  • Land
  • Construction and land
  • Construction and land rent rights
  • Construction, land and chattel
  • Construction and land for privatization
  • Plot without buildings
  • Valuation of necessary investments
  • Parts of plot with buildings
  • Apartments
  • Valuation of contributed investments
  • Structure, land and forest stand etc.