Development of health care systems

"Biznesa Konsultantu Grupa" provides consultancy on issues related to the Latvian health care system optimization and individual health care service providers’ development since year 2000.  "Biznesa Konsultantu Grupa" as a partner of an international consortium provided  consultations for third world countries in health systems development issues within a Framework contract financed by of European Union Commission and European Investment Bank since 2005.

"Biznesa Konsultantu Grupa”  experts provide the following services for  health care institutions:

  • Elaboration of Development Strategy and Action Plan;
  • Calculation of future performance indicators justified by the previous statistics, forecaseted demographic changes and existing planning documents;
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis of the planned project activities;
  • Estimation of future needs for the necessary infrastructure based on international benchmarking indicators, future work load and cutting edge performane indicators;
  • Investment project development and analysis;
  • Preparation and management of public procurement in the field of development of Buildings and functional design, elaboration of technical specifications and/or building and construction works;
  • Development and implementation of Health care facilities consolidation projects;
  • Development ofthe projects of strategic focus changes for Health care organisations;
  • Elaboration of Business Plans  to attract financing for project implementation.