SIA “Biznesa Konsultantu Grupa” (BKG) advises companies within development and growth processes. BKG consulting is based on the latest management theories, proven practical solutions and best business practices.

BKG approach is individual solutions for each client, taking into account the company and industry specifics. BKG services are provided in accordance with the highest professional standards and consultants code of ethics. BKG consultant qualifications and experience, as well as extensive international network of partners, ensures the highest quality of service provision.

BKG management consulting is for companies that have decided to change and are focused on long-term success.

BKG consulting includes the following themes and directions:

  • Determination of the company's development strategy;
  • Development of company's management system;
  • Elaboration and implementation of development plans;
  • Attraction of financing for development plans implemetation to companies and organizations;
  • Attracting of strategic partners;
  • Development of health care companies and systems etc.