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Private development projects

BKG has developed and consulted several major private development projects in various sectors. BKG in past five years has contributed to the bank's fund raising for more than 180 milions Latvian lats, and has contributed  fund raising for development projects from international financial institutions and  European Union Structural Funds.

BKG appreciate customers' trust and information about private development projects can only give with the customer's permission.

Health systems development projects

Title of the project: Analysis of the situation of health inequality Valmieras and Saldus district municipalities within the EU project Joint Action "Equity Action"

Period: year 2011

Client:  National Health Service


Title of the project: The study of outpatient and inpatient health care provider development program implementation impacts on public health and disease reduction

Period: year 2008

Client:  Public Health Agency


Title of the project: Outpatient and inpatient health care providers development program for 2005 - 2010 year impact on the quality of health care and morbidity reduction in performance of Pulic Health Agency needs

Period: year 2007

Client: Pulic Health Agency


Title of the project: Liepaja city health care providers development plan

Period: year 2006

Client:  Liepaja City Council


Experience in assessment

BKG experts have done over 3000 real estate assessments of local governments, government institutions, banks and private clients. Based on our assessments, banks have provided a loan of more than 2 billion Latvian lats . BKG appraisers have made more than 200 local business assessments for public institutions and private clients' needs by promoting investment of more than 0.5 billion lats.

Development project consulting

Title of the project: Project cost-effectiveness analysis

Period: year 2011

Client: Riga Technical University


Title of the project: Qualitative assessment of the project applications of the European Union Programme of Action Lifelong Learning Programme Leonardo da Vinci

Period: year 2010

Client: State Education Development Agency


Title of the project: The provision of business experts services

Period: year 2010-2012

Client: Vidzeme Planning Region


Title of the project: European Regional Development Fund activities support research and development project "The natural materials filled rigid polyurethane development" feasibility study - Socio-economic analysis and conclusions.

Period: year 2009

Client: University of Latvia Polymer mechanical Institute


Title of the project: Macroeconomic impact of changes in the European Union Structural Funds and Cohesion Fund co-financed projects predictions analysis

Period: year 2009

Client: Ministry of Environment

Development of health care organizations

BKG consultants have developed and provided consultations on a variety projects of healthcare development in organizations. BKG Consultants in last five years have contributed fundraising for development projects of more than 100 millions Latvian lats, including local governments, international financial institutions and European Union funds.

BKG appreciate customers' trust, therefore, information on development projects is provided only with the client's permission.