BKG consultants have the following Latvian Property Appraisers Association allocated certificates validating the qualification of the appraiser:

Business and intangible investment appraisers:

Alina Dudele – certificate Nr. 6, allocated on 30. September 1997 valid till 30. September 2017.

Ivars Strautins – certificate Nr. 5, allocated on 25. June 1997 valid till 17. June 2017.

Real estate appraisers:

Alina Dudele – certificate Nr. 44, allocated on 20. April 1999 valid till 15. December 2018.

Ivars Strautins - certificate Nr. 7, allocated on 26. January 1999 valid till 16. May 2018.

Olga Buzinska - certificate Nr.137, allocated on 12. December 2014 valid till 12. December 2019.

Guntis Geldners – real estate valuation assistant, LAPA assistant certificate Nr. 142 allocated on 3. October 2002.

Chattel appraisers:

Guntis Geldners – certificate Nr. 25, allocated on 16. December 2004 valid till 30. June 2016.


Consultations for private enterprises.

We highly value trust among us and our client. Due to the confidentiality agreements with our clients we do not publish the names of our clients as well as the nature of consultations we provided for them. We could provide limited amount of information about our clients on request only subject to agreement with individual client. 


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ivars strautins REV  kompetences sertifikats
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