About us

Ltd. „Biznesa konsultantu grupa”, register Nr. LV 40003394250 founded on 18. May 1998. BKG is registered in European Commission DG 1A Central Consultancy register with number 100057 which assures the accordance of the provided services to the EU requirements. The legal address as well as the real address of the enterprise is Riga, Tirgoņu street 10-7. 

Ltd. “Biznesa konsultantu grupa” (BKG) advises companies within development and growth processes. BKG consulting is based on the latest management theories, proven practical solutions and best business practices.

BKG approach is individual solutions for each client, taking into account the company and industry specifics. BKG services are provided in accordance with the highest professional standards and consultants code of ethics. BKG consultant qualifications and experience, as well as extensive international network of partners, ensures the highest quality of service provision.

BKG management consulting is for companies that have decided to change and are focused on long-term success.

BKG values:


Consultant’s job with the client’s enterprise is always connected with confidential information about the client’s business strategy, organization, clients and development plans. Business approaches and solutions, carried out through the consultations, become part of the client’s intellectual capital. We guarantee full confidentiality concerning client’s information. This is the reason why we do not publish the names of our clients. The content and purpose of the consultations is a contract object between the client and BKG only. 


The rash development of business world requires new management solutions. We offer our clients modern and creative solutions, based on the achievements of management theory and the best business practices.

BKG team includes experts in such spheres as business valuation, enterprise analyses, and management system implementation; strategic planning and development, quality management system implementation, marketing strategy, advertising campaign development and management, brand strategy development and implementation, investment project development and analyses. Each consultant has the proper education and wide range of experience gained during work in various national and international development projects.

Partnership with clients

Our clients’ achievements are the main target of our consultations.

During work with our clients’ enterprises, we establish mutually propitious partnership, which is the basis for long-term success.


As the intensity of the information stream increases and the pace of life accelerate, the leader of the enterprise must choose the most efficient ways of further enterprise development and information gain.

BKG management consultants:
Analyses the enterprise situation and carries out the functional audit, by stating the improvement areas.
Works out the enterprise development plan, by identifying the necessary changes in processes and actions.
Provides the implementation of changes, by organizing and managing the implementation process.